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What’s New in Heartworm, Flea and Tick Meds

I thought I’d write a quick blog about our new parasite prevention medications for dogs.  I am really excited about the new things we have to offer.  Since we’ve been open, I have carried only Heartgard and Comfortis in-house.  There are many products that are similar to Heartgard, but none is as tasty as that beefy treat!  Again, there are many flea and tick products available.  A lot of them are available over the counter, so I don’t stock those as our clients can purchase them elsewhere cheaper.  In addition, many of my clients tell me that some of the other topical flea medications are not working as well as they used to.  I carry Comfortis because it’s working very well and not as widely available.  Despite all of that, I am very excited about some new medications on the market!

The first change to our in-house stock is Trifexis.  It is a combination of a heartworm medicine and the flea medicine in Comfortis in one pill.  If you give heartworm and flea medicine every month, it not only reduces the number of pills you have to give, it also saves you money!  Depending on the weight of your dog, it will save you $15-35 for six months of medications.  In my book, anything that makes my life easier for less money is good. 

The second addition to the parasite line up is Vectra 3D.  It is a topical medication that kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.  I haven’t had a great topical flea/tick combo that I’ve been happy with in several years.  There are a number of products that have been good on ticks (Frontline and Advantix), but their performance with fleas has been less than optimal.  Fleas are a bigger issue for most of our patients.   I still carry the tick collar, which can be used with Trifexis or with Heartgard/Comfortis.  But now, we have a good flea/tick combo.  

Vectra 3D is applied topically.  The label says to apply it in several spots along the back (there is a large volume of liquid).  Our drug rep says that if you start lower on the back, touch the applicator to the skin and then move up along the back while dispensing the medication, it works very well.  The medication uses the same technology as the “all day lipsticks”, so it stays on the skin for a whole month.  It is resistant to swimming and bathing, as long as you use a shampoo without a detergent.  This will be an excellent product for dogs who go to the lake in the summertime!

With more choices come more questions, so please give us a call or an email if you’d like a recommendation for your pet.  We want to make sure that everyone is protected from parasites as we head into the spring and summer!

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