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Dog Flu–Not Epidemic

It’s in the news again, there is an “epidemic” of the Canine Flu.  I want to assure our clients and patients in Memphis that we likely do not need to worry about this.  First of all, Canine Flu tends to have clusters of cases that pop up sporadically.  An epidemic would be a large number of cases that is spreading quickly.  This is not the case.

The current outbreak of Canine Flu was in Chicago.  Just under 50 samples were sent to a lab at Cornell University and 34 tested positive for Canine Flu and also some other respiratory pathogens.  The vast majority of those patients responded well with no treatment at all.  Some needed to be prescribed antibiotics and a very few needed to actually stay in the hospital.

You do not need to worry that your pet is going to catch the Canine Flu here in Memphis.  If your pet is going to a facility in Chicago that has had Canine Flu, then I recommend vaccinating 2-3 weeks prior to staying at such a facility.  Otherwise, I don’t recommend the vaccine.  We haven’t had any reported cases of Canine Flu in Tennessee.  I don’t recommend vaccinating for diseases that our pets aren’t going to be exposed to.

If you have any questions about Canine Flu, please be sure to call your veterinarian.

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