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hamster exam

Hamster exam

Family Practice
Dr. Clay is a member of and the immediate past President of the Association for Veterinary Family Practice.  She believes in the importance of treating each patient in the context of his or her role in the family.  Pets can come from different families just as humans can.  Some pets may be members of the family, some may be service animals and some may be feral.  Each unique situation may provide opportunities or limitations to interactions and treatments for the pet.  In addition, as a Family Practice Veterinarian, Dr. Clay knows the importance of being the “medical home base” for each patient.  She maintains contact and records from visits to any other Animal Hospital, including Emergency and Speciality care.  This allows for great continuity of care for your pet. 



Carla and Jen in surgery

Carla and Jen in surgery

We perform routine surgeries such as spays and neuters as well as more advanced soft tissue surgery including tumor removals, removal of bladder stones, and exploratory surgeries






We offer routine dental scaling and polishing as well as dental extractions and minor tumor removals.  During your pet’s dental cleaning, each tooth will be examined for pockets in the gums, looseness and cracks or chips.  Dental disease can lead to other health issues for your pet, including nasal cavity disease, weight loss and sometimes heart disease.  Prevention with recommended dental cleanings is key!


Internal Medicine

We offer diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the interal organs.  Dr. Clay has had an interest in Internal Medicine since her time at UC Davis and her following internship year in San Diego.



roxy and lucie

Roxy and Lucie

We have boarding accomondations for pets of all sizes, including exotics.  Each pet is housed in a kennel that is cleaned at least twice daily.  We can feed the food that you provide from home or we can provide food.  Our dogs are exercised 2-3 times daily.  Our cats are provided with “luxury cat condos” so that they can have some room to perch or stretch their legs.   Click here for nightly boarding prices.



Hospice Care

While there are many advance treatment options in Veterinary Medicine, we recognize that each of us will die sometime.  We want to help your pet be comfortable at the end of his or her life.  When the time comes, we are able to provide humane euthanasia, cremation services and information on pet grief support



rat surgery

Rat surgery

We provide care for all kinds of small pets, including small mammals and small birds.  Dr. Clay also volunteers her services to Wild Wings Rescue in Memphis.





Carla cleaning ears

Carla cleaning ears

We provide grooming services for dogs and cats.  Let our talented groomer give your pet a new “do”.  We have the facilities to make giving a bath a breeze!  We carry regular, hypoallergenic and medicated shampoos to fit your pet’s needs.   Click here for bathing prices.  Please call us for grooming prices.





Digital Radiography


Duck with a broken leg

Our Fovea Digital Radiology Unit allows us to glean more information from each x-ray we take.  Each image has more detail and the exposure of the x-ray lets us view all of the internal organs on one “film”, where we may have had to take 2 or more films for the same information with traditional radiography.  This decreases your pet’s exposure to x-rays and decreases your cost.  It also allows us to be friendlier to the environment because we don’t have to use developing chemicals



Emergency Medicine

We provide care for all kinds of emergencies during our regular business hours.  After hours, we recommend taking your pet to Pet Med Emergency Hospital.  Please see the Emergencies section on this site for contact information


Wellness Care

baby kittens

Baby kittens

Through routine exams, vaccinations and testing, we can help your pet live a longer, happier life.  Each time your pet is seen at Utopia Animal Hospital, she will have a complete physical exam by a veterinarian.  We recommend routine vaccinations and we want to vaccinate as little as possible.  We also recommend wellness bloodwork when appropriate to monitor the function of his internal organs.  This can allow us to make diet and medication recommendations that will give your pet a better quality of life.




Community Service

Good Dog Rescue puppy

Good Dog Rescue puppy

Dr. Clay and the staff of Utopia Animal Hospital generously provide discounted services for the Real Good Dog Resuce, House of Mews , Good Dog Rescue, Coast to Coast Dachshund Rescue and Westie Rescue of Tennessee.  Check out their websites for contact information and pictures of adoptable pets.

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